Monday, August 15, 2016

Sylville Smith Milwaukee Riot

Sunday Morning I woke up to the news that yet one more black life was lost in a confrontation with police.  Sylville Smith is the latest person shot by police.

In reviewing it was clear that yet again, before all the facts were released, we had a segment of the population that decided to rally behind Mr. Smith.  The narrative being yet one more black man murdered at the hands of a racist cop.

Mr. Smith was known to the police, he had a record and was arrested several times.  Now, while it would be very easy to list his crimes, I prefer we just examine this shooting and not even bring past actions into play.

Mr. Smith was in a car, this car according to police was suspicious and they decided to stop the car.  Now, I am not going to pretend that the stop was valid, as to be honest that is a different issue.  The only issue is what happened after the traffic stop.

After the car was stopped Smith decided now would be a good time to leave the car, and take a little run.  He was lawfully ordered to stop running and submit to being arrested.  Instead, while hold a gun in his hands, turned toward the officer.  He started to raise the weapon, was ordered to drop the weapon, and he refused.  The officer opened fired, and Smith was hit with 2 rounds.  This event was captured on film, by the officer involved, it has been reported that the officers statement matches what was on the film.

Black Lives Matter Terrorists, were quick to pound the war drums and claimed this kid was shot in the back and did nothing wrong except run.  They blamed the racist cop for shooting this young man.  No facts, no clear picture, yet it was already assumed that the police were wrong and that this young man died for doing nothing more then running away.

Saturday, they took to the streets, they protested, as with many of these "peaceful" Black Lives Matter protests it spun out of control, and quickly turned into a free for all of robbery, arson, and beating white people as well as firing guns at cops.

Six places of business were robbed and or burned to the ground, places that provided jobs as well as services to the very people that were busy rioting and robbing.  Multiple people were hurt, cops had bricks tossed at them.  The most disturbing was the video of blacks targeting white people, pulling them out of cars and beating them. 

Yes, they were actively looking and doing this, yet somehow this is not considered a race crime. Do they not realize that they have tons of white folk on their side trying to fight for equality that they so want, but are not going about getting what they think is owed to them? Wonder what the white Black Lives Matter people are thinking now watching them beat them up for even just stepping onto the streets that night as they pillaged and burned their own neighborhood down to the ground. You can even find pictures of them taking some hair extensions from a beauty supply store because 'Nigga gotta look good while rioting'. Anyone else shaking their head yet?

Later Sunday, it was announced that a Black officer was in fact the person that was responsible for taking a dangerous criminal off the streets.  You would have thought this would change the narrative, you would have thought that it would have calmed a few people down.  After all, it was a black man that killed a black criminal, what could possibly be racist about that?

If you remember, Black Lives Matter was all about exposing and stopping systematic racism and to stop the racist police from killing people of color.  Clearly this killing does not fit the standard battle cry.  So what does #BLM do?   They spin it, the officer was not black, he is Blue, and when he puts the uniform on he no longer is a black man, but a Blue man who likes to oppress his own race. We all know that this clearly makes sense. Next thing you know we will being seeing crappy photoshoped memes of police officers with blue skin put out by these BLM terrorist.

I also find it interesting that the father of this young man, places the blame on himself and the black community for sponsoring and looking up to the thug life.  He knew he made a bad role model. This is where the problem lies folks. They don't have father figure to tell them right from wrong and most feel that they have to be in the gang life to protect their family. This is not the case. You can be whatever you wan to be in America so long as one has the drive to do it and the resources too. You don't have to be a thug if you have the drive to make something of your life. We are all American why must we labled based on race. We are not black vs white. We are all Americans with the same liberties and justices given to us by our founding fathers.

What I learned from this was simple.  Black Lives Matter is not about race issues, they simply want all black crime to be forgiven and not dealt with.  They feel people owe them things because of the atrocities blacks experienced at the hands of slavery over two hundred years ago.

Yes, we still have race issues in America, however I feel the tide is turning on where and who is doing the racism.  I see more evidence of racial intolerance and racial hate coming from Black America then I do from any other segment of society.

It is people Like Deray McKesson, who fan the flames, and is often found spewing crap without knowing the facts.  When Deray was asked to reject the violence of the rioters, his response was classic race baiting, cop hating speech. "I denounce the state violence that led to any protests in the first place.".

Deray, refuses to acknowledge personal responsibility, he refuses to understand that laws are for a reason and if we are not going to enforce laws we will have anarchy.  I do think that if MLK was alive, he would grab Deray and bitch slap his ass.

You also have people like Shawn King, you know the person who pretends to be black to take advantage that its cool to be black right now.  He feeds the flames with his false rhetoric and is actually allowed to spread his crap via a once well known and respected newspaper.

Black Lives Matter, only if you are black and were shot by a white cop, or an Uncle Tom cop.  Never mind all the black lives that are lost from abortion and from black on black violence.  If people like Deray want a race war, I am good for that.  However, I firmly believe you cut the head off the snake will die. If people like Deray don't want police protection, I will gladly welcome extra cops into my neighborhood keeping the peace.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Please Mr. Trump


Thank you for doing and saying what many of us feel in the US.  We are under attack from several directions and we need a firm and no-nonsense president that will work for the people.

I have been a supporter of yours from just about day one.  I feel you are what we need for this country.  However, we have a fight on our hands, a fight that you just win.  A fight that I don't think can be won the same way you won your nomination.

During the process of securing the nomination for the Republican party you were a breath of fresh air, a person who I considered true to his word and who would do the best for America.  You were not afraid to tell it how you see it, this resonated with many people, people who are feed up with the same elected officials who have slowly destroyed this once great nation.

We have illegal immigration.
We have Black Lives Matter people who are terrorists.
We have Soros and his globalization plans.
We have ISIS here in America.
We have massive increases in crime.
We have police being assassinated on the streets.
We have military that can not get help or afford to live once out of the military.

We need you, however I feel that we will not get you if you do not change how you are running this campaign.

  • No more little lies.  Its getting old, you do not need to lie, you do not need to spin things, this is what people like me and many others are for.  We will do the dirty fighting.
  • Stick to policy, you get so side tracked with fighting people who have very little meaning in this process.  Again, people like me and many others will be more then happy to fighting with the opposition.
  • For the love of god, stop giving them to attack you with.  Most of us understood your 2A comment, but lets be real, they are now using that to attack you and invalidate you.
The time for mudslinging and fighting the opposition is over, you have an army of people who can and will take up the ground war.  I know I am very active in promoting and correcting the lies that people have been repeating.

Please let us help you help us.  You can not fight alone and you can not win the internet alone.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Korryn Gaines

I have not felt the need in sometime to publicly produce a bog-post.  This is because most of my work has moved underground.

However, today I can not sit and not express my thoughts on Korryn Gaines.  The amount of stupidity from the liberals on this issue is astounding, and it shows the true nature of America in my opinion.  Lets examine some what has been posted.

1. Why was SWAT needed to server a warrant?  SWAT was not needed and SWAT did not show up to server a warrant.  It has been reported that 2 officers showed up, these 2 officers, after opening the door, to server the warrant, were accosted with a rifle.  This is when they retreated, and called swat.

2. She was killed for traffic violations.  Again, lets forget the truth, yes its true, the police did come to server a warrant and arrest her and her boyfriend.  She was not killed for the warrants, nor for traffic violations.  She was killed because SHE decided to not follow a lawful order and submit to being arrested.  She and She alone controlled this situation, she decided to escalate this.  It is not ok to point a gun at a cop and threaten the cops life.  I don't know why this is so hard for people to understand.

3. The police shot the little boy.  Yes, the little boy was shot, that is tragic, however who placed the boy in this position.  More importantly how do we know the mother did not do it?  I suspect the autopsy will reveal that.  However, mark my words, if it is show that the mother did it, watch all the people claim that is a lie.

4. She did not have a gun.  Considering SHE made videos of herself loading the gun during the standoff.  You would think this would be enough to stop the critics.  But again, liberals refuse facts and work on fiction.

She caused this, she placed her child in harms way, she decided her life and possibly the life of her son was not worth it.  Is it tragic, do I feel for the little boy?  Hell yes, it sucks when the person you look up to places you in harms way.  It also sucks that these parents filled the kid with hate and fear of the police.

So lets stop the crap, stop looking for martyrs for the cause.  SHE and SHE alone cause this.