Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Great Car Lie.

Here is a story about a bunch of protesters that seem to be trying to stir up trouble in the hopes of adding new fire to this illegal protest. Please keep in mind that this post is not complete and we are still actively looking into this issue.  Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Here is the story as we are aware of it at this time.

It was reported that shots were fired at a car in Ferguson.  It was reported that many shots were fired, with some people claiming up to 20 rounds were fired.  Yet, oddly enough only one bullet was found.  We will talk about that bullet soon.

Here are some screen shots showing the conversations about the number of shots.

As you can see, we now have totally different opinions on number of shots and where the person was shot was.

First, please review this Vine from Search3Swag.

@Search4Swag claims car is Ayanna Delaine @MzYannaB.  It was also claimed that 2 other person as well as 2 kids were inside the car.  Lets also not forget that ZERO car seats are present in any photo.  I have to ask, do you honestly care about the 2 kids in the car?


So as you see, they identified who owned the car and who was in it.  What is even more interesting is they claim it was 2 white people on a hill.  They also claimed that many shots were fired and many bullet marks were on the car.  However, a review of photos prior to the "shooting" show that most if not all the marks attributed to the shooting were already present on the car.

 Later in the evening we are told that Bassem and T-Dub were tweeting that it was 2 white men on a rooftop.  When this was discredited the next thing we saw was scary trolls were behind the attack.

As you see, it went from white guys on a hill, to white guys on a roof, to scary internet trolls.  However, it still gets more entertaining.  Next, after that we find that they are now blaming people within the protester group.

Here is a screen cap of several conversations.


We also had seen some tweets between 2 people who were said to be fighting over a gun in the car.  Here is a portion of the tweet.  Notice how the protesters talk about scrubbing TL's.

As you can see, many different ideas from the protesters.  However, I will save our take for last.

Now, lets talk about the next topic, the bullet wound.  Here are some screen caps to examine.

So, the first picture show what is a wound and the suspected bullet that was at first described as a bullet fragment.  This is clearly not a bullet fragment and in fact it looks like that bullet was never fired from a gun.  This is also the only known bullet that was collected from the crime scene.  No other bullet has been found as far as we know.  We quickly learn that this false story about the bullet fragment being removed from the "victim" is false.

So, lets now examine the bullet info that was presented as the bullet that "grazed" a protester.

Now, I am not a firearms expert, however many people in LE and many other people who are in military and people who own guns  made it perfectly clear that his bullet was NEVER fired from a gun.

It appears that this bullet had its shell removed as well as a plastic case.  The bullet has no marks to indicate it was fired.  The bullet looks like it never even hit anything.  As such, just what are the protesters trying to pull?

So, HOW did she got "shot" in the thigh, when ONLY the rear deck window got shot out... no holes in the door consistent with the bullet trajectory that would only graze... and WHY the only bullet "recovered" was in the rear window, and NOT on the floor, closer to the "wound affected" area.  Or was she not in the car?

I do not think this bullet was fired from a gun, I am even suspecting that NO shots were fired.  No live stream was up even though several live streamers were there.  The laughing hyena as well as Search4Swag.  Even Search4Swag was beginning to question the validity of this information.

Now, on an interesting note, that wound does not even look like a bullet wound, I am no medical expect but it don't.  Now, this minor wound, that never needed hospital treatment is allowing this person to beg for money.

First off, what meds could she need?  A few antibiotics, possible aspirin?  We all ready know the hospital refused to give her pain meds because they felt it was a preexisting wound.  So just what is going on here?  The money grab is ripe with this one.

The broken car window is a possible result of the gun struggle that took place inside the car that children were riding in.
Here is our take, the bullet was planted, the wound was old, the car windows was staged or a result of some fight inside the car.  Can we prove it?  Nope, not at this time, however the complete story is shaky and filled with contradictions.



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