Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Please Mr. Trump


Thank you for doing and saying what many of us feel in the US.  We are under attack from several directions and we need a firm and no-nonsense president that will work for the people.

I have been a supporter of yours from just about day one.  I feel you are what we need for this country.  However, we have a fight on our hands, a fight that you just win.  A fight that I don't think can be won the same way you won your nomination.

During the process of securing the nomination for the Republican party you were a breath of fresh air, a person who I considered true to his word and who would do the best for America.  You were not afraid to tell it how you see it, this resonated with many people, people who are feed up with the same elected officials who have slowly destroyed this once great nation.

We have illegal immigration.
We have Black Lives Matter people who are terrorists.
We have Soros and his globalization plans.
We have ISIS here in America.
We have massive increases in crime.
We have police being assassinated on the streets.
We have military that can not get help or afford to live once out of the military.

We need you, however I feel that we will not get you if you do not change how you are running this campaign.

  • No more little lies.  Its getting old, you do not need to lie, you do not need to spin things, this is what people like me and many others are for.  We will do the dirty fighting.
  • Stick to policy, you get so side tracked with fighting people who have very little meaning in this process.  Again, people like me and many others will be more then happy to fighting with the opposition.
  • For the love of god, stop giving them to attack you with.  Most of us understood your 2A comment, but lets be real, they are now using that to attack you and invalidate you.
The time for mudslinging and fighting the opposition is over, you have an army of people who can and will take up the ground war.  I know I am very active in promoting and correcting the lies that people have been repeating.

Please let us help you help us.  You can not fight alone and you can not win the internet alone.

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  1. someone ship this to Trump. Tons of us will do the dirty work, but he needs to run as clean as he can while still being himself in a sense.