Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Korryn Gaines

I have not felt the need in sometime to publicly produce a bog-post.  This is because most of my work has moved underground.

However, today I can not sit and not express my thoughts on Korryn Gaines.  The amount of stupidity from the liberals on this issue is astounding, and it shows the true nature of America in my opinion.  Lets examine some what has been posted.

1. Why was SWAT needed to server a warrant?  SWAT was not needed and SWAT did not show up to server a warrant.  It has been reported that 2 officers showed up, these 2 officers, after opening the door, to server the warrant, were accosted with a rifle.  This is when they retreated, and called swat.

2. She was killed for traffic violations.  Again, lets forget the truth, yes its true, the police did come to server a warrant and arrest her and her boyfriend.  She was not killed for the warrants, nor for traffic violations.  She was killed because SHE decided to not follow a lawful order and submit to being arrested.  She and She alone controlled this situation, she decided to escalate this.  It is not ok to point a gun at a cop and threaten the cops life.  I don't know why this is so hard for people to understand.

3. The police shot the little boy.  Yes, the little boy was shot, that is tragic, however who placed the boy in this position.  More importantly how do we know the mother did not do it?  I suspect the autopsy will reveal that.  However, mark my words, if it is show that the mother did it, watch all the people claim that is a lie.

4. She did not have a gun.  Considering SHE made videos of herself loading the gun during the standoff.  You would think this would be enough to stop the critics.  But again, liberals refuse facts and work on fiction.

She caused this, she placed her child in harms way, she decided her life and possibly the life of her son was not worth it.  Is it tragic, do I feel for the little boy?  Hell yes, it sucks when the person you look up to places you in harms way.  It also sucks that these parents filled the kid with hate and fear of the police.

So lets stop the crap, stop looking for martyrs for the cause.  SHE and SHE alone cause this.

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