Friday, September 9, 2016

Leigh Maibes Round 3

I did not expect to have to create a new blog on Leigh, to be honest I had just about forgot about her.  The only time I hear from her is when she wants something from me.

Example, Sep 13, 2015 she reached out to me through a mutual contact, she wanted me to call her, even provided her phone number.  This is because she wanted assistance with some issues she was having.

I did call her, we did talk, and as soon as she had what she needed from me, she yet again severed contact with me after she received what she wanted.  Lets be clear, this women is not to be trusted as we have demonstrated in the past.

On Sep 6th, 2016 she reached out to me yet again, totally out of the blue, its not like I was discussing her, or even attempting to engage her. The point of her contact was about 2 blogs that I have about her on this site.

Here are the 2 blogs.

She indicated that she wanted the blogs taken down because they are hurting her and that most of what was posted was lies.  In the process of asking me, she decided to also threaten me with legal action if I did not remove the blogs.

News flash.  I like Stacks, have printed out my reporters card.  I am a reporter, very much like what she was.  Seeing she was a "public" figure, reporting on what was happening (very much one sided) with the Anti-Police protests.  As such, my posts are protected speech.

Now, I did go review the posts, what I found was most of the information reported was simply screen shots of things she had said or others said she did.  Simply put, her own words and actions are causing her stress and causing her to miss opportunities. I strongly suggest that she should have thought about this before she embraced the terrorist organization called Black Lives Matter.

After blasting her about how if she wants a favor, she should consider asking without the threats of legal action.  Simply put, she has no legal ground, and cases like these have usually resulted in no legal action.

Now, to be honest, Stacks is a small cog in this mess, she is irrelevant and no longer considered a threat.  Much bigger fish to deal with in the grand scope of things.

After telling her how I did not appreciate how she approached me, I did go ahead and decide to give her a break, at that point I decided to mark the blogs as not published.  After all, I had no real reason anymore to keep it public, she was so far removed from the activates of BLM that I felt it was ok to give her a break.

Here is the text of our conversation.
I need you to take down the blogs about me, I'm getting back to business & they're hurting me
90% is fake & made up shit Candy put out, that's legit. Add in the fact they were created with the purpose of causing damage to my reputation & business, and they become actionable. I have talked to attorneys & will go there if necessary, but I am asking you first, so we can avoid it.
Also, the "negotiations" about the blogs being out up & taken down, I sent those records to the attorney & they qualify as extortion. I don't want to start beefing with you again, but they're unacceptable.
I'm willing to put my records on the line. I had NOTHING to do with your daughter being doxed, and have no fear about that coming up in discovery, if we have to take it there.
You know, had you just came talked to me and not acted like a little bitch and threaten me with legal ramifications.  You see, I actually thought we were getting along, seeing how I even helped you guys out.
Now, I have no clue why you decided to randomly contact me and threaten me. I also don't take kindly to that and I would suggest you try a different tack with me. Because I also know I am legally within my rights to maintain that content. Battle over it was had, I won.
I'm not threatening you.... I said, I would prefer not to go there. Period.
I was considering sending a note straight to Google, but decided to come to you first. I'm not threatening you, they are facts. There are grounds to have it removed.
That being said, we haven't been beefing in a very long time. I'm trying to return to my life, the blog is very damaging. I am asking you
Stacks, even coming at me is insulting and rude, all you had to do was ask. Again, until you unfollowed me I assume we had a nice truce going. Why you feel the need to start shit is well past my understanding.  And your timing is suspiciously odd.
So what to you know about kings murder
It's not suspicious... It just came to mind after I saw you on the seals hashtag. I dropped Stacks, this month is a renewal period for me with my RE license & Im working to clean things up online
I think it's suspicious
Yes it is very much so. Considering what he was up to.
If I have have to do is ask, I'm asking you, please take down those blogs. They are indeed full of misleading info, put out by Candy & are hurting me. I'm trying to get my life back in order. We have been getting along, but I have been very irritated by it in the last few weeks. You got me there, OK?
I don't think this had anything to do with Deray, or Charles... I do think it's related to Ferguson things. There's a key piece of info floating around on social media
Are you still streaming for Blm
Yea I saw it, but something so t smell right.
Deray or Charles could not do this.
I haven't streamed in over a year, since Baltimore
Even still, it's false info Romo.
Simple question is all I ask. Do you still stream for Blm
No. It does not mean that I will not in the future. I believe that the streams are important
If you won't take down the blog, because I believe that each side needs & deserves their media, than OK.
The Seals thing, there's a key piece of info floating around on social media, that I think could easily ties this up
Look, I take no issue with you, however you were one sided and did not report fair in my opinion and many others. Even other streamers from your time have realized this and moved on to better things.
I just reviewed the items posted. Nothing in them that is illegal nothing in the. From when I had legal verify that what was posted was not illegal.
So let's cut to the chase and stop playing me.
Romo, I haven't streamed in over a year. I'm not trying to become a full time streamer, I'm attempting to return to my life. Everyone had a side, we all did what we did.
The crap I have posted is screen caps of you and things you said with narrative I added.
It's not illegal, it's actionable, I can go to Google & do have a case there
They were your tweets and as far as you busting bassem we know you did
A lot of it is SS things that Candy said & it's completely false
No, it's protected under reporting and the fact that it's public info you yourself posted or others posted.
I don't care about that stuff...
Stop now.
OK Romo. I'm not going to fight with you about it
Stop the games and listen will you for the love of God.
I'm listening...
So good stop and,listen.
Yes go back get your life, try to be honest in your actions and honest with your reporting.
Romo, regardless of what you think... I didn't do 75% of what you assert or suspect me of doing.
I am trying to move on, have been.
Try to be a little more forgiving yourself.  You had no need to attack and make threats today.
I've paid a very heavy price for following my heart, including what happened with Bassem, but it was the right thing to do...
I will remove the blogs, and they will remain down. Unless I feel a need to remind people of what you had done and were suspected of doing.
I'm just tired, and a bit defensive. I don't want to get into it, but a lot has happened. Things you can't imagine, because I followed my heart. Please take it down
We've done this dance before, LOL
I have no reason to keep it up at this point, you were never the end target anyhow.
Thank you for now, I guess.
I was just an easy target, because I didn't have the support others did
I still had a compass. I called out Bassem when he was fucking up. Called out Charles as I was able. I didn't snitch anyone out to Candy, or the police. I've had to deal with Greg. It's been a mess
I have morals. I didn't mess with your personal lives like was done to mine

As you can see from the texts, she admits that her ratting out Bassem is true.  She also admits that both sides need their media.  So I am not sure why she takes issues with me reminding people of the crap she was up to, and how she was playing both sides.

Now, lets step back for a moment.  This was the day we learned that Daren Seals was executed, many of the #SNOWAPES know him, worked with him, shared information with him.  You see, Mr. Seals did not like Black Lives Matter leaders, and felt that they were ripping off the community.

When many of us heard he was executed we expressed our regrets at his passing, and yes, we did genuinely feel saddened by his execution, as we considered him an ally in our fight with the criminality of BLM.

Shortly after I removed the blog posts for her, I was send the following tweet.

I took great offense to this tweet, there is no pretending, unlike people like Deray, Wade, Netta we had no real beef with him, as a matter of fact we respected him going after BLM and also trying to make his town a better place.

I had contemplated not writing another blog on her, however this tweet crossed my desk and to me it is a direct attack and yet more proof that she is an FBI snitch.  In closing, as someone I respect told me.  "when she's not lying she is attacking. when she's not attacking she's snitching.".
In closing, I suspect she is probably one of the most hated people from the Ferguson unrest.  She seems to like to play all sides, to bad people are on to her.  Stacks, I suspect you are reading this, please, feel free to report me to the FBI.  Feel free to report me to Google.  Hell, feel free to continue to threaten legal action.  I like you, are protected as a reporter, and this is what I am doing, reporting on a washed up has been, who has no real support.


  1. she is extorting YOU by threatening to sue you if you keep your personal blog up...and now the story of Bassem was not photoshopped. so why remove truth? also, why would she not want to help people find King's killer by withholding information? oh that's right; he didn't like her.

    1. I agree, and if she does continue I will have to explore my options. However, she is a dog without teeth. She simply can not bite.

      This is not the first time she made these types of threats.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Do you know what the "key piece of evidence" is that is floating around on social media regarding Darren Seals' murder?

    1. Yes, I do.

      The key bit of evidence can be found on Seals instagram account. Many are claiming it had something to do with the Bottom Boyz rap group. It seems some bad blood existed between them and others.

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