Thursday, September 15, 2016

Leigh Maibes Round 4

It seems my biggest fan just can not seem to understand a few things.  So let's Leigh it on the line and tell it like it is, but before I do, let's just drop this here so you all understand why I felt the need to yet again write a blog about a dog that has no teeth.

First, this blog has been up for some time, many have tried to take it down, all have failed.  There is a reason for this.  It is hard to refute and maintain allegations that I am trying to harm her when all I do is report stuff she has said or done, or what others said she has done.  It is called reporting, you know stacks, just like the "reporting" you did for Black Lives Matter.

So Leigh, feel free, continue making a fool, and each time I feel the need to report on your actions I will.  Yep call the FBI so they can laugh at you again, after all we know you are a FBI snitch.

Before I go into my rant about her, lets clear up some facts.  I never claimed that if she failed to comply I would repost the blogs, what I did say is I reserve the right to repost the blog if I feel she went back to supporting Black Lives Matter and one sided reporting. 

Someone who is expecting a bit of kindness and sympathy should not run around asking for favors, yet at the same time bash the very person she is expecting a favor from.  Seems counter productive to getting what you want.

She has done, recorded, said many things that have lead her to this point in her life.  She is the one that decided to support Black Lives Matter and the degenerates that were causing so many problems for the people in Ferguson.

Let me be clear, at this point I do not give a rats ass how this is effecting her life, she chose to embrace this Terroristic organization and she was one of the primary people spreading the lies and hate of Black Lives Matter.  One should carefully examine their actions, and understand that their actions can and often do lead to consequences that they might not want.

Over time, we have collected and documented just how she has harmed the very community she claims she was helping, heck to this day it is unclear to what side she is actually on.

For your review.

I also find in comical that her and her "friend" seem to think I want to DOX them, first off, No need to DOX Leigh, she is well known and she has DOXED herself time and time again.

As far as the clown that seems to fawn over her and stoke her ego, he is not worth my time or effort, he (or she) is simply yet one more small cog in a large system of corruption and criminality that seem to follow the Black Lives Matter terrorists.  I do have this comment, Snow-Apes dance for no one, to think we do is foolish mistake.

The best thing Leigh could have done was left it alone, but she keeps poking the Apes, yet the Apes know she is a toothless old dog, who can not bite.  She has very little support, she has crossed and pissed of all sides of this conflict.  I suspect she has some type of handicap that is affecting her ability to think rational. 

So now, after all the dust has settled, and she was unable to profit as well as others on the Ferguson unrest, she is ready to go back to work, selling property, in the same town that she helped destroy with her narrowly painted picture of what was going on. 

Mike Brown was a criminal, who made bad choices, for them bad choices he was legally killed.  His bad choices led to many other bad choices in that city, choices that destroyed property values, and destroyed property.  Let me ask you, would you want to buy a house from someone that cared this little about the city she lived and worked in?  I would not.

Leigh Maibes, you made your bed, you will now lie in it.  I guess you could go back to being a mystic?


  1. Me and a few others have been dealing with Leigh's shannigians for 11 months now. We know her as Alli Anderson/ Ali Smith on Facebook. She has been harassing people in the Missy Bevers Murder pages. She has done the same on the Jessica Chamber's murder Facebook pages. She does this to cause diverson in the case. She has told us on several occasions on Facebook she works for annon. I guess to intimate everyone. I recently figured out who she really was on twitter.
    A lady reached out to us because she has been harassed by Alli Anderson/Ali Smith on Facebook. So we took to twitter and dropped bombs on allismith333 and alliandeeson333. This went on for 4 or 5 days. During this tweet fest Alli tweeted me an intimidating pic of 8 computer monitors with one having Consternation Security on it and she used the ihazcandy twitter handle. Little did she know i saw her reflection in one of the monitors and i went from there. She still denies being Leigh Maibes, but we know better. The only pic Alli has on her Facebook accounts she has half her face covered up with a sheet of paper. Leigh has quite of few out on the web. I did a collage of the one of Ali and one of Leigh. As soon as i did and posted it on twitter Alli got my twitter page in "time out". Lol. I am wondering if you know the Alli/Leigh connection and to help STOP her harassments on Facebook.