Monday, January 16, 2017

Leigh Maibes Round 5

This blog will be an open ended blog for a few days.  It is my intent to collect and report on many of the things she has done to show how untrustworthy and just how far into the crazy side she has put herself into.

I am asking you, the readers of this blog, to please send me any and all info that you have on her.  I for once and all want to put an end to her and show the world for just what she is.  A big fat blowhard with little to no merit in life, who's primary goal in life is to steal and panhandle from social media.

I tell you this "girl" simply does not know when to stop or just how far her life has been fucked by her untrustworthy actions on social media.  People have confided in her, very personal things, only for her to use that information when she feels the need.

Here as of late she is now panhandling a new "service"  Lets talk about this, one would expect that a psychic would have the ability of seeing why they are stuck in a rut.  Seeing that one of her primary services is exactly that.  Helping others get past the ruts in their lives.

But lets be honest, its a scam, a scam to take advantage of people who might be having issues in their lives, and are looking for someone to help them.  To bad the only power she has is the power to make Twinkies and snickers bars disappear.

So lets talk about a few things we do know.

  • She is sleeping with a self proclaimed hacker who likes to DOX and claim to take social media sites down.  More on this later.
  • She is involved on DOXing, and she does involver herself on DOXING minors.  More on this later.
  • She loves to scam people for money as she has no other way to secure an income due to her involvement with destructive people., .  Notice how long this has been open, notice how she claims she needs 500 but wants 2.5K.  Notice that this is simply one in many of her scams to take advantage of people.
  • Please note, that she is a self admitted drug addict who is still using, yet reported other people for using drugs.  More on this later.
  • Remember the time she turned over information to Candy that was damaging to the BLM movement..
  • Remember the scams she ran for Charles Wade with the housing.  Court records will show that tons of cash is still owed and several properties were vandalized.
  • She loves to pick on Transgender people,, recently she caused tons of stress for a transgender person.
  • She loves to get people banned from Twitter for the same crap she routinely does.  She has multiple accounts, we will be listing them today and asking people to report them.
Not only should she never be allowed to work in real estate, many of us question why she is still walking free and not in jail., 

I have way more to write, however for now I would like to collect information from you, the readers of this blog., Lets spend a day working on removing her from Twitter and letting the world know just how Honorable of a person she is.

First, lets talk about how she likes to torment young people, mentally challenged people, as well as transgender people..

While I collect and gather more info on this subject please review the following.

I suspect that Large and dumpy has a chemical imbalance or some type of brain defect.  I do seem to remember a post where people claimed she sufferers from brain damage.  I suspect her prior self admitted drug use might play a part in this.

Now, its great that she is no longer doing H, however when you are a recovering addict, you are never cured from being an addict.  All of your life should be dedicated to keeping away from drugs and people who use drugs.  Its very clear that not only is Snicker-doodle abusing prescription medication, but she is also abusing street drugs.  We learn this from yet more self incriminating posts.   I ask you, would you like this drug user to work on selling you a home, or selling yours?


  1. Good old Leigh Marcotte nee Maibes, her & her "hacker" BF have teamed up with another bunch of scammers & pedophiles, Brandon King @TWE9000 & Vincenza Spina @A1_Buckwheat (Google Vinnie Spina...she defrauded a cops pension & is a disbarred lawyer). Leigh's BF, William Welna jacked the twitter acct of Charles Wade (@akaCharlesWade) read about William here; he's an Aspie muthafucker & a well known scammer...btw he calls himself a hacker, but he couldn't hack shit.

    1. She's on facebook now as Alli Smith latching onto a murdered child's case ironically named Brayden Furgson. And other cases like Missy Bevers abd Jessic Chambers cases.