Monday, December 22, 2014

Gennifer Baker AKA (@GIGIBAKER)

This special POS was brought to my attention by members of the Snow Ape Coalition.  It seems this one was harassing a police officers wife. 

She has indicated that she does not like police, and wants to see police get killed.  Here is the screen cap of the conversation.

Later, she then indicated that not only did she want cops dead but she also wanted cop families dead, here is the screen shot of that conversation.

It was then decided that we needed to review this person, with the permission of the person being harassed the Snow Ape coalition decided to scan her Time Line on twitter to see just what else we could find.  First, here is a validation of her name along with what is her maiden name.

We found that she does not have any empathy for people working in the food service, based on this tweet.

We also see she likes to pick on people who's kids are sick as well.

We also found she works for Yale, this was disturbing to us, as we feel that this is exactly why the youth of today feel empowered to act like fools and disrupt society and now to feel it is ok to threaten and agree with the killing of any human life.

After looking around the internet we were able to find her facebook page.

We also found that she is an active participant in a site known for hate of cops.  Cop Blockers, here is one of several of her posts.

As I have shown, she hinted that she worked for Yale, this is factual and here is where she works and what she does.

After reviewing the information we ask that each person call and or write to Yale and start the process of having this person removed from interacting with our youth.

Some people have taken issue with us posting her address. I understand that this is distasteful, yet we feel it is an important part of the process.  Not to mention this person was actively working with Anon to expose addresses of cops.

In respect to people who disagree with us posting the info I have decided to remove that content.  However, if anyone does want it please feel free to contact @romonaga_

Gennifer Baker
Here is her work contact info.

She also had some time on TV, seems she was a plaintive on the peoples court.


  1. Romonga, you are a wonder to behold! I've been a fan since pre snow ape.

  2. Thank you elidommom, it is nice to know good people still exist and are willing to call out bullshit when it is seen.