Friday, December 26, 2014

Leslie McSpadden

Today I want to talk about Leslie McSpadden.  If you will remember she was the mother to the criminal Mike Brown.  I wont get into the details of the Mike Brown killing, it is clear to any rational person that Mike Brown made some bad choices the day he committed Suicide by officer.

The reason I want to talk about Leslie McSpadden is because recently she assaulted a member of Mike Browns Family.  The reason she assaulted the members of Mike Browns Family is because the had the audacity to sell merchandise with his name on it.

Leslie McSpadden, did not like anyone profiting on her dead child, after all she is the one that should profit.  Leslie, did not raise Mike Brown, she did not seem to give a fuck about him until after he committed suicide by cop.

Leslie McSpadden has a substantial criminal record, this is not her first time in trouble, and I suspect not her last.  However, what has me pissed of is why has she not been arrested for the assault?

I am all for the police running an investigation to get it correct, however at this point it has taken longer for them to bring charges up on this fine work of trash, then it did for them to clear the Hero cop Wilson.

I suspect a bit of Black privilege is on display here, and that due to the fact that the protesters are crazy and will probably burn the rest of the city down if charges are raised on her. 

I will be updating this Blog over the next few weeks, or until we know why she was not charged with this felony.

I just heard from reliable sources that the arrest will happen, however it is as I suspected, they simply do not want more riots that this might bring.  I will be keeping this issue alive until she is arrested or we know why she was not.

I also think that we can not wait, we need to make calls, ask why is this violent criminal has not been charged with the crimes. Here is the number to the police department. Ph: 314-522-3100

Some of you might take offense to me calling her a criminal, fact is she is.  She has been in trouble several times in the past with the police.  I will document this later.

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  1. Thanks for telling the truth. Mike Brown committed suicide by officer and Obama was stupid enough to comment on this and other racial issue before the truth came out. Obama has hurt racial relations more in 6 years than progress made in the last 50 years.