Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Cold SnowApe is a Busy SnowApe

The never ending winter we are experiencing, has forced most people indoors. If you are like us SnowApes, you have been catching up on your reading, dreaming of a warm vacation spot and wondering what Spring/Summer will bring to Ferguson, as well as St. Louis.

It has been a very busy time for us SnowApes. Though seemingly quiet, not all of our work is displayed via social media. We have been approached by several local organizations, in regards to research, based upon our knowledge of the last 7 months of unrest. The information presented, was a facts only type of presentation, allowing the audience to come to their own conclusions. As a "Thank You," one organization sent the following patch to each of us. The whole situation, certainly has become a clusterfuck. It is fairly profound that they came to this conclusion, based on facts, no media, no bias, nothing but, facts alone. I think some within movement, prefer the clusterfuck, as it keeps heat off their actions. We are all very thankful and proud of this patch. 

Our work for and about Ferguson has not stopped. While our collection and archival of finances collected in the name of Ferguson is ongoing, we currently have several projects going on, with the focus being, "Healing Ferguson." As well as, concentrated, continued support for all Ferguson and St. Louis area law enforcement and helping ensure safe streets this summer for Ferguson youth. Though we have many ideas, we are now asking readers and Ferguson residents for their input. Ideas, needs, concerns,... please share, we cannot achieve these goals alone. While we have several events in planning stages, it is never too late for your help. 

Helper Ape needs you!

In the coming months, as the weather warms, there are several events, planned by outsiders of Ferguson, intent on descending upon the town, under various causes. All activities seem to be planned to take place in Ferguson. The residents of Ferguson, as well as law enforcement, will need our thoughts, prayers and moral support. They may need physical support as well. As these needs become evident, we will bring these to everyone for possible solutions. On that note, domestic terrorism has become a focus as well. While we have much information on this subject, any input from you, the reader, is appreciated. 

Thank you all for your continued support! St. Louis and Ferguson in particular, has many obstacles in the near future. They cannot stand alone! We must help them fight for their community!

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