Monday, January 5, 2015

A Veteram With PTSD (Living with PTSD)

First, the bloggers site is, here is all the relevant info on how to contact him.

Twitter: avetwithptsd
Instagram: avetwithptsd

I spent some time looking over his past posts, reviewing information he has presented and I walked away shaking my head wanting to know how we as Americans can possibly allow this to go on.  Let me break down some info for you before I start my rant.

I learned from his site that 22 vets take their own life ever day.  With all the talk from protester about how a black man gets shot and killed every 28 hours, it would seem that the number of vets who commit suicide would be a hot topic, well at least as hot a topic as how often a black man get shot by police.  Here is this man, who is clearly suffering, who has clearly provide this country and all these protesters his support and defense of the very rights we all take advantage of every day.
I learned there is no true cure for PTSD, there is no magic drug.  I learned that it prevents people from being able to enjoy the day to day life that we all enjoy.  I know there is no real support and that some people don't even feel it exists or is real.

Now, I will not cheapen his blog by taking snippets out and presenting here, you all need to take a few moments out of your day, visit his site, and see the horror he has to live with every day and the utter lack of support he feels.  We sit here and protest, and counter protest.  We sit here and spend tons of money keeping protesters in line as well as protesters spending crazy amounts of money to provide bail and other needs to the protesters.  However, back in the dark, all alone, are the very people that gave a large portion of themselves to allow you the freedom to do what you and I are doing. 
No, do not argue, do not ignore me, I spent the time reading and learning, you do the same, don’t look to me to wrap it up in a nice package.  Go fucking read his blog and tell me that you feel no shame.  I know I walked away feeling shamed.  Tell me that it did not rip your heart out and make you feel ashamed for how you have acted.  I know it hit me hard.  especially after just losing a dear friend who was a vet.

PTSD, was never honestly talked about until gulf war, then it was all over the news, and just like anything people and groups rushed to take advantage of it.  We started seeing everyone getting labeled with it, the term has been cheapened, just like other terms have been.  Hell, I think even the protesters plan on using this as a defense for Josh the suspected arsonist.  For the love of god if that is used as his defense, I personal will lose it after reading this persons blog and the hell he has to live.

I will not lie, if you spend a few minutes reading some of his blogs you will see the dark and the ever ending hunt for light, you will see the hurt, you will see the pain.  Yet somehow this man, is trying to make it known, is trying to express something most of us will never know or deal with.

Here is a quote from one of the blogs that hit me hard.

If they only knew the pain I feel. If they could only see the darkness I feel. They might understand the struggles they might understand why you don’t like to be around people. They might understand why you don’t like fireworks and loud things around them. They might understand why you get so defensive when they invade your personal space.”


Please read that several times, no stop go back read it several more times.  Can you feel the raw emotion, can you feel the pain?  If not then you are not human.  To anyone who reads my blog, stop, go to this mans blog, spend some time on it.  Then come back and tell me if we have our fucking priorities correct as a country and as humans.

Why should this man hurt so bad for providing you and I the ability to make fools of ourselves, to talk about personal freedom and rights.  When the very people who have provided and fought to protect these writes are fucking abused and left behind in the process.  How dare us raise so much money to support suspected criminals yet we have no desire to defend, protect and help these people.


I do not ask for much, I try to do the right thing, now I ask all of you to go to the blog, read his words, and let him know you fucking care.  No, don't go yea yea, just fucking go do it and report back to me that you did.    More important, let him know you went to the blog and that you do care.   The man feels no one fucking cares.  You know where to find me. 




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