Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This protest is Criminal.

On 1/19/2015 MLK day, I had the opportunity to host the http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nothiefsallowed UStream channel.  This was a fantastic opportunity for me personally, as I was able to reach out and meet new people who can and will help us in our mission to expose the crime, lies and other misdeeds that are being done in the name of civil rights. 

As some of you know I plan on being more and more active with nothief’s and it seems to be the perfect place for me to reach out to fellow Americans who need to WAKE UP and stop what is happening to America. This is why yesterday was an eye opener as far as the crimes caught and recorded by streamers. 

First, MLK was a fantastic leader who had a message of hope and peace for all races.  His legacy was and is not about violence, it was not about the disruption, it was not about the crime, and it was clearly not about the money grab we see as a result.  The protesters in many cases were just rude and insulting to this man’s day.

Today, I would like to take the time to talk a bit about what I observed.  First, let me preface this blog article.  This article is written by me, it is not endorsed by the rest of the group, all comments and opinions on this blog post is @Romonaga_ and @Romonaga’s alone.  However, I am sure many people in and out of our group will agree to what I am about to present here.

I fully support LEO and understand and wish to protect them.  As a LEO support my support is unconditional, however this does not mean I am not upset by what I saw.  I also understand it is not the officers who refuse to do the right thing and arrest illegal protesting.  LEO need to be able to perform the job they were hired,  we should not be preventing them or handcuffing them from doing their job.  The people that are handcuffing them and keeping them from doing the job they were hired, and sworn to do, need to be removed from the positions they hold and replaced with people that will not cower and allow this lawless acts to continue.  I do not care if this is the Mayor, The chief of police, city council members, or even President Obama.  The fact is, when you start allowing laws to be broken. You are setting a precedent that other groups will exploit, utilize  and embolden others to commit the same or greater crimes.

The first stream that I hosted and commented on was the protest  of the new Mayor.  These boneheads, went to the Mayor’s house, setup amplifiers and proceeded to yell, scream, jump up and down like fools.  The blocked streets, disrupted the normal day for people in the community and broke several laws in the process.  They blocked the streets and I am positive broke the laws on excessive noise as well as laws to prevent noise between particular hours.  No arrests were made and I saw very little police activity.  Let me be clear, this was an illegal protest, laws were violated and everyday people felt terrorized in their own neighborhood.

The chants, learned and recited like zombies, not sure many of them even knew what they were saying.  The speech givers, contorted the truth to the point where I could not even reconcile where the facts she kept spewing came from.  All I saw was a bunch of kids who felt the world owed them something, the entitlement shown at this small protests was startling.  

The next stream I watched was parts of Bassems, seems like Bassem has issues maintaining his stream when he receives calls. Too bad he does not know how to turn off incoming calls so it does not affect his ability to stream.  What was interesting is hear him tell people not to cuss as it was MLK day.  Too bad his promises to not cuss was short lived.  Within the first 10 minutes he started in with his normal BS and cussing.  What was upsetting to watch and deal with was the police that were lined up and who had to take the verbal abuse from him.  It was very clear to me that the black officers who were there, were upset and visibly in disbelieve that their own race was now calling them names and insulting them.  The crime in the protesters eyes,  they decided to work as a police officer and attempt to make a difference in this world.

After bass left we decided to start watching @MissJupiter1957’s stream.  This streamer laughs at EVERY THING and her laugh sounds like a cross between a hyena and a person racking their fingernails down a blackboard.   I simply cannot and could not stand to much of her.  However, she was filming 3 people I am very interested in.  They were interacting with an officers, who was trying to engage them in conversation.  While the conversations was pleasant you could see the disrespect the protesters were giving the officer.  They were cursing, and sitting on the officers cars.  Deray, was giving some type of interview, however he kept needing to leave the conversation to get more questions from someone.

Now, it was a long day and to prevent mixing up who was streaming and what criminal activity I witnessed I will just outline the crimes I saw.

I saw a streamer, push a person.  When that person responded back, the protesters caused the police to get involved and claimed this man started the mess.  This man and his wife were forced by police to leave the area, they required a police escort due to protesters following these people to their car.  Had the police not escorted this man and lady to his car I question what the protesters would have done to them. 

I saw a lady, stand up for her rights, and was forced by police to leave.  Protesters followed her, with Deray and Netta in full pursuit screaming obscenities.  Let me be perfectly clear, what Deray and his band of criminals did was a crime.   They chased off a person who was so scared that she had to stop and call the police.  Deray and goons went screaming down the street running after this person,  it was a like watching a zombie movie.

I also saw streamers, disrupt a bunch of dinners in a restaurant.  These people did nothing to deserve the anger and hostility the protesters lavished on them.  What was shocking to see was anytime someone confronted the protesters , the police were on hand to stop the counter protester.  It was almost as if the police were preventing people from exercising the same rights as the protesters.  I am sorry, that did not sit well with me.  EVERY single protester that went onto private property to disrupt people should have been arrested.

What else was interesting is how many times the streamers tried to prevent people to see what was going on, they would shut off the sound, or turn the camera away, or sometimes just shut it off completely.  However, the idiots when coming back up could be heard in the background talking about what just happened.  This stuff has been captured and it will be enhanced and analyzed.

As Americans we should be pissed as hell, I know I am.  Our government is failing us, they are the ones who are allowing these illegal protests to continue, they are the ones that are handcuffing the police and placing not only the police officers life in jeopardy, but the lives of the very people the police a responsible for protecting.  When will this stop, when will we decide enough is enough.  When will the American people Wake the FUCK UP and do something to regain control of this fantastic country.

If these people continue to flaunt the law, if the police continue to allow them to flaunt the law, where does it end?  Will it be ok to kill in the name of protesting?  Will it become ok for the police to remove our rights in order to allow the few protesters voices to rise above the majority of the good people of this country?  If these people are allowed to break laws with no punishment, how much longer before they police ignore larger crimes.

I am pissed off and I am not going to stand for this anymore.

Now, if you would like to see some of the reactions people have here is some more info.



Now, if you wish to see some of the crimes that were captured, and the assault on counter protesters rights please visit here.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nothiefsallowed

Robert E. Winslow.  #SNOWAPE


  1. EXCELLENT! I agree 100%

  2. "The fact is, when you start allowing laws to be broken. You are setting a precedent that other groups will exploit, utilize and embolden others to commit the same or greater crimes."

    I believe we may have already passed that tipping point.

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