Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Short Stack Sets Up Bassem.

I would like to make it clear for those of you who are not aware. the information presented here was not a SNOWAPE operation, we simply collected and reported the events.  The credit for this information goes to Candy.

It seems Short Stack refuses to admit that she did pass on sensitive information.  It also seems clear she refuses to admit she has been a spy.

It is also clear that she has tried to interfere with Bassem.  So, I will leave you all with this information and leave it up to you to judge.

Now, lets just drop this here, just who did provide info on Bassem when he was driving.  Please note the phone number that Stacks has used for years.

Now, look who sent someone an eMail informing them that bassem was driving and what car and even licenses number. 


  1. Blossom's going to blow when he finds out she plotted to get him arrested.
    Making popcorn now for the show.

  2. This is so sad. She would turn her Mother in for attention! This woman needs to be kept AWAY from all protesters. I do not like Bassem M but he did not deserve this!

    1. You're correct. This is what gets the gang violence going and hurts the whole movement. Snitches get stiches. I wonder who else she snitched on?

  3. I saw the rapper warning Bassem that those people were out to harm him. He knew. Bassem should have listened to his friend

  4. All I can say is holy shit!

  5. It was brought to my attention (something that I had forgotten about) but she not only endangered ONE of the protesticles, she endangered THREE of them, because @Rebelutionary_Z and @occupythemob were with @bassem_masri on the journey to CA. So, if that was the car they were in, well they were all targets of arrest.
    And anyone else that might have ridden in that same car.

  6. Make that 4. I heard when she saw them smoke some pot in Ca. She alerted cops. Probably trying to bust Bassem but it would have also hurt Bella if they were busted. Bella even said on her stream how much she could get it for. Why hurt a woman that has a young child to care for? I don't think 'herpes' is all Candy has on her. So I will anxiously await the rest of the story!

  7. Holy crap, I can't stand Bassem either but this is messed up, but after knows what she did to him and he stays around it then he deserves it