Saturday, January 3, 2015

William Eggler AKA(@UlcerMagazine)

While the snowapes can not take credit for unmasking this vile POS, and while what he said is not a direct threat, saying things like this should not go unpunished.

We first learned of this from a post by @Cgerm1, we thank you for that.

In checking into him it was found that he has 2 websites registered to his name. and what do you know UlcerMagazine

First, this ass thought that removing all traces of himself on social media would work and hide himself.  GRIN, not so fast.

First off, this MAN trying to pass himself off as a woman tweeted

Here what he looks like.

Some other nasty posts about Jewish people were captured but they are to ugly for me to publish.

So people exposed him for the fraud he was, but they did not dig deeper.  I did. While I am under agreement not to publish his address, I can share some other damming info.

What do we know about Bill.
William Eggler Age: 50 (Born Sep 15, 1964)

 New York State Assembly
 Oct 2009

Regional Staff Assistant, Office of US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
 U.S. Senate
 1994 - Dec 1995

State University of New York College at Oneonta
 1994 - 1996
New York University
 1982 - 1986

Email Address:

Look at this article that was passed on!

What do we have here.

Thanks again  !

Social media sites he WAS and STILL is on!  Thx

 also points out that photos of him and Clinton are on his myspace account, as well as a photo of him claiming to be ex Navy. With a photo.  So someone Ex Navy wants Vets Dead and hates Jewish people?

This photo was captured from his Myspace account. I am sure it will be gone soon.

Well, a few things to note.  Unless he had his ears pinned this photo is not the same as his.  Check the ears.  I also have not been able to find any proof that he was in the navy. Not saying he was not, just saying I find no evidence of it.

He has ties to a well know comedian, seems she was a writer to his now dead magazine.


  1. he has done it before too:

  2. That pic is of a Marine, not Navy.

  3. Thank you for exposing this jerk wad! You're totally awesome! Thank you.

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  5. The POS. And that is definitely not a navy uniform -_- so trying ( and failing) to steal valor a well as be a total douche.

  6. That Super Punch article reads like an affidavit for a restraining order. He openly admits his nightmare is being sought by the authorities after murdering a women.

  7. He has been doing this for years - The Last Goddess Magazine by Sophia Walker. In fact, I blogged about him:

  8. He had another pseudonym, Sara Pryce and another defunct magazine between The Last Goddess and Ulcer: The Antisocial Magazine. Also, suggest reading Cheri Blossum’s book, Secrets & Seduction for more details.