Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SnowApes Have Not Forgotten.

Many people have been asking us if the latest round of threats to LEO supporters has caused us to stop our work.

The simple answer to this is no we have not been scared off.  We have not been intimidated, in all reality the attacks on us have intensified our will to expose the fraud, criminals and suspected criminals involved in this protest.

The truth is we have done good work, we have exposed protesters who want to expose police addresses and police families.  We have taken down several protesters who made threats or hinted at threats to LEO.

We have also caused people to question, where is all this money going.  Currently, you do not see many of us on Twitter because of this one fact, we are chasing the money.  Every single member of the Snowape coalition is actively seeking and working on a different aspect of the money trail. 

For us, unless we have a credible threat, we will be chasing the money.  After all if we can dry up the source of the funding the snake will die a painful death.

So, just what have we been doing the last few days?

We have seen and dealt with one of the legal team members who decided that they could be anonymous on Twitter and attack LEO supporters.  She was promptly shutdown and told her place.  I would suggest that she stays that way before we fire info we have on her up the chain to the bar.  Placing your photo up does not allow you to hide from people.  Image search is a powerful tool.

We have been collecting, all threats all violence and all communications that can and will be used in court.  I find it funny that several members of the protesters claim to have gone dark for a few days to collect data on LEO supporters.  We never went dark, and we have been collecting for months.  Some of these protesters might want to think about this simple fact.

We have seen and captured some of the threats to the protesters, while we fully understand the anger we ask people to not sink to that level.  Let the protesters be known as the violent out of control people they have shown themselves to be.

We also have been working on forming coalitions with other groups.  This has been very successful, we have expanded our reach, expanded our ability to access information.  Not all segments of Anon are for this protest, and many fully support the work we are doing.  To the point of providing protection and cover for some of our more covert operations.

Lets also be clear that other groups are working just as hard as us to expose and shut this protest down, however they tend to be more covert.

We also have been working at placing spy's in each segment of this protest, yes it is true, we have been able to get people into the group not just on the ground but in other areas as well.  In order to get good information timely this is needed.  I wish at this time to thank our spy's, you know who you are.  Keep up the good work and keep up the good intelligence.   Soon we will be able to use your hard work to our advantage.

Yes, protesters reading this blog, we have infiltrated your ranks, we have placed people who have been and will continue to collect information.  You would be stupid to think we have not done this.  Your Operational Security sucks.  Even anonymous has warned you on sever occasions that Operation Security is non-existent.  In many cases we know things before your hired protesters and outside agitators even know what is going on.

We also have extended our reach.  One of the founding members of the SnowApes has been asked to host on  We expect to hear his voice on many different subjects that relate to this protest in some way.

Over the next week, starting today, expect us. We will not hide, we will not cower, we will not be silenced.  Our voice will become stronger then the protesters ever expected.

SnowApes, are to be respected.


  1. I love it! If I can ever do ANYTHING, please ask :)

  2. I have been following some of the players in this since the beginning. I figured that Stacks would go down first. She was attention seeking and frankly pretty stupid. She got caught up in the paranoia and her 15 minutes are over. Bassem will probably be next.. His destiny is a prison cell, Overdose or worse... he is also attention seeking and frankly stupid as hell as well.
    Bella Eiko is more street smart and cunning. She could be around a long time but frankly she brings too much attention to herself and I suspect she may have done illegal things that may bring her down... probably welfare fraud or the fundraising scams she is so famous for.. You can bet your ass her and Bassem both are on LEO radar... LE is just waiting till they dig themselves a deep hole they can't get out of and then take them down.