Thursday, January 15, 2015

Money Trail Part 1

We decided to see just how many fund raisers we could find.  Please keep in mind, we are not judging the various donations sites. 

However, it is clear that some of them are not so honest in nature and we questions just who does open these fundraisers, who is responsible for the tax obligation that must exist on some of them.  We also question just where does the money go.

It also raises questions about just who and what is behind this civil unrest that is being perpetrated and exploited by organizations and even politicians.

As such, we leave the facts for a different day, we leave it up to you to judge.

What I will say is this is not a complete list and I am sure in our research we have not as of yet found all of them.

Now that the bulk of protesting is done, why is it that major players in the farce are still collecting funds?  Just where is this money going?  Who is accountable?  So many questions and no answers. 

It should be noted that many of these fundraisers have not reached the stated goal, however it does not change the fact that it appears to be a money grab.

Major Funder of these protests. Mar 30,2013
I questions this date, I assume its a type o.
Emerging Leaders Institute 4K
Created October 15, 2014
Renita Marie

HelpFundFerguson Screenshot Not active.

Poets For Ferguson 10K
Created September 4, 2014
Sasha Banks

Healing the wounds of Ferguson 10K
Created September 3, 2014
Joy Elliott

Bringing the Arts to Ferguson 20K
Created January 12, 2015
Dion's Way

Legal Defense Fund 5K
Created January 5, 2015
Instructor Tee

Daniel's trip to Ferguson 1K
Created August 22, 2014
Daniel Damascus Kimery

Ferguson and Beyond 50K
Created January 6, 2015
Urban League-St. Louis

Anti-Racist Solidarity w/ Ferguson 2K
Created November 29, 2014
Max Wilbert
Help TDubbO 10K
Created December 26, 2014
Tdubb MobstarManiac O
New #HealSTL Office 30K
Created November 28, 2014
Antonio D. French
Help Thy Neighbor Fund (Bail) 500K
Created September 11, 2014
Mauricelm-Lei Millere

Wilson-Brown National Peace Tour 10M
Created December 20, 2014
John Lyscars
More Copwatch Cameras For Ferguson 10K
Created August 15, 2014
Jacob Crawford
The Ferguson Fellowship 42K rasied

Build Ferguson Youth Tech Program 10K
Created November 26, 2014

NLG Ferguson Mass Defense 2K
Created November 10, 2014
Claire White 112K
Donna Dragotta
Talib Kweli
Autumn Marie
This campaign started on Oct 19 and closed on January 02, 2015
$614,131 has been raised by 44 campaigns from 15,137 donors for Ferguson, Missouri
I Love Ferguson Committee 100K
Keep Me Streaming In Ferguson & STL 1K
Anon CopWatch 30K for suspected Arsonist.
Shipping Address: Keith William Rose - Godfrey, IL
Event Date: August 9, 2016 Rose talks about this one.
Ferguson Movement Infrastructure Fund
Jail Support Streamers and other collections

Amplify Ferguson 10K
Created September 11, 2014
RuDee Sade
Leigh Maibes 3 fundrasers 2.5K 1.5K  newest one so far 526
To support our work, please write checks to "Hands Up United/ ETINA"

Keep Team Argus Streaming 5K



  1. I wonder if they've told the IRS about their funds?

  2. Don't waste time/resources with individual stuff. Take a look at large, established orgs. Early on I found an interesting theme with many involved creating most of the issue. I'm going to see if it comes out from you guys. (Not Occupy/Soros related, as much as anything is free from Soros money)