Monday, January 26, 2015

Leigh Maibes AKA(Short Stack ‏@stackizshort )

 A big thanks goes out to Candy, who provided what I call the nail in the coffin.  While we suspected that Stacks was a traitor it was ultimately the work of Candy.

Please contribute to his work in helping to make the world safe.


Many of you might remember an old blog spot I kept on Stack, we had removed it because she agreed to talk to me, via PM.  However, I did tell her at the time that I reserved the right to write about her again.

First, lets be clear, we are not D0Xing her, she has done that herself, we all know her real name, she has used it many times in the past.  We all know she works for ReMax.  After all she was the person behind Wade getting the apartments. So it should not be a surprise to people when I show the very link she advertises.

For some time now we have been watching her play all sides of the protest, to the point that one has to questions just where her loyalties lie. However, after her outburst yesterday we feel it is time to talk about the company she keeps.

First, here is the re-tweet that ties here to the recent D0Xing that was going on.

The fact is Stacks has been playing all sides of the players, and at this point has provided information that she was intrusted with to an outside player.  We believe that Stacks was working with a known enemy of Anon, was providing this person with information on Anon members within the protest.

Lets also note that what we present here will show Stacks is willing to turn on her friends in order to save her own skin.  Self serving is it not?

All for the single reason of insuring some information that someone had was not released.  Whats brilliant about this was now, the secret is exposed and the proof she was providing info to an Anon  enemy.

Lets first establish that Stacks is hanging out with Anon. Here are some screen shots to consider. 

 Yet even more ties.

Lets not forget he attempts to contact and support a wanted person.

Again, I can show example after example. However, lets move on.

For sometime we have suspected that Stacks was working with Candy, we knew Candy had something on stacks that she did not want released.  We intercepted conversations with him.  We also suspect based on tweets that she talked to him on the phone.

I will also present this odd conversation that was captured.

What I want to show you however is recent events, where it appears that Stacks has violated a truce she made with candy. It appears that whatever agreement she made with Candy is over and this is what we learn.

As you can see, a truce was broken, I am not sure if the truce was the releasing of the D0X on the pro LEO rally people or this tweet.

The next thing we see is the following tweets.  ID's and Facebook pages for may protesters.


Could this be the thing Stacks did not want released?  Again, this was a public conversation that we captured and presented.  We make no claims as to if she does or does not have herpes.  It is only presented to you to show why she might have provided Someone with sensitive data on the protesters.

The bottom line, this is the type of sting I would have expected from Candy, total perfect social engineering of the weak link.  She provided the enemy of Anon with information that is sensitive, allowed her to hang herself over it.  Now, has been show for the person she is.

Now, her next fantastic attempt at deceit is at the hands of a fellow LEO supporter.  This person on the legit wanted to buy a home.  Yet, somehow stacks tried to twist it and claim this person was associated with Candy and some attempt to lure her to an empty house.

This was a very odd accusation, and when Stacks was asked to provide proof, she was unable to provide anything that tied some supposed lure to an empty house to this person.  However, the information stacks did provide might be a violation of her code of conduct.

However, we do not wish to muddy the water, lets let this rest and let the players know that she is a major spy in the network.

I will add this....  Seems Bassem suspected.....

Could this be part of what bassem is upset over?

And now more info is released.


  1. Excellent info but I saw it all transpire in real time. I wish you would bust her in what all she has told Candy about Bassem. I don't always agree with Bassem but he did NOT deserve to be stabbed in the back like she did!

    1. If I had that info, I would gladly put it here. However, this info is not in our hands.

  2. It's about time the protesters knew just who they had playing in their sandbox with them!

  3. Wonder what her buddy Commander X thinks about her now?

  4. I always hated it when she referred to "her man" as "Her BLACK man". As if he is a trophy or something. The woman obviously has mental issues. When the protests first started she was always out there filming and bossing the blacks around. ESPECIALLY when they wanted to negotiate getting some people out of jail. I think they now suspect her of what she really is and shy away from her. Ferguson is over. Money flow has almost stopped. They were all used by occupy IMHO

  5. Does that woman not know people get killed for less than what she is doing? She better get a grip.

    1. She was warned by many people, however she was unable to control herself.

  6. Her employer would be horrified to see who she really is! Terrible reflection on Re Max!

  7. Her employer and the Missouri Dept. of Professionalism, which handles licensing for Realtor's, is very aware of her behaviors and not doing her job.

  8. short is about as low as a person can get, bossem handle this better than i would!!

  9. Protesting under a false narrative is stupid, people will latch on especially where money is concerned. While intentions of most are genuine and just, money will always corrupt and these people always float too the top, separating them from the front lines but do anything too stay relevant